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Our story

Bob Nichson  is an affiliate marketer and an online entrepreneur  with great recorded successes in these areas  over  the years. 

He has great interest in Search Engine Optmisation, Clickbank products, Dropshipping,  Facebook  and Youtube  advertising  which are  great ways of generating high revenue online. 

His recent website called  BOB’S INFO is focused  on providing more knowledge  and opportunities  in dropshipping  for  individuals  and corporate entities. This site which teaches step-by-step processes on how to be successful in dropshipping

Bob Nichson started off as an accountant with a telecommunications firm and later veered off to online marketing and has generated much revenue from it. He has great passion to impart his great wealth of experience to many. 

According to him,  “I make my living from home through online marketing and I intend to pass that knowledge which has made me successful  to many.

My intention is to create online content that would  turn around the lives of many for the better”.  He loves reading and playing soccer.

After going through a lot of online systems designed to enable entrepreneurs to make make money online, I came to see that the Dropshipping model of making money online is by far the easiest and the best.

I am constantly evolving and now I am moving on to another level where I found even faster and more rewarding way to make money online legitimately.

If you are looking to save yourself years and years of time wasted chasing shiny objects then I invite you to explore my #1 recommendation, AliDropship Plugin. This very easy system is created by the very AliExpress (AliBaba) and can help you get your very own version of AliExpress.

This amazing plugin helps entrepreneurs who are eager to start their own dropshipping business and use AliExpress as a source of goods. The plugin is also a must-have for those who would like to avoid monthly fees for maintaining an online store.

This is what is working for me right now in 2020 and it’s up to you to decide whether to focus on education and actually understand how to make money online consistently.

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